tirsdag den 26. juni 2007

go check out our new website!

Morten45 has just updated our website! Remember you're able to download our hit single "Supermarkets" from this site!





Just to sum up!
Heey everybody, J45 from the danish (not so summerly)summer.

Sitting here, wondering why the summer has gone so far away. My head has been buried in thinking, and the answer came to me like a rocket from a heatseeking bazooka; Factory45 has gone from the 1st place 4th on "Det Elektriske Barometer", and I can tell you that it ain't coming back untill we're up there on first place celebrating the fabulous summer, and the OOOHHH so fabulous Roskilde Festival 2007. So PLEASE go vote for Supermarkets at www.dr.dk/p3/barometer to make the sun shine and the summerparty to begin!!

News from the studio

Our demos for the fourth coming release are being finished these days, and the are, as you say in our country next door "jävla bra"!! So look forward to some ass kicking tracks from the factory on this very site!


Tomorrow we're playing at the goodbye party for SPF, a school in Copenhagen. In fact, this is the very school where our beloved frontman and lead singer Esben got his first kiss, his first beating and first home assignment. Amongst the other acts you'll be able so experience Kira Skov and Marie Fisker - it's gonna be a blast, so get out of that chair and GO!!!

Finishing of

To finish, I'd like to say congrats to all of you students who has just finished their finals. Go enjoy your freedom, go party, go NUTS - go factory45!!!

love to all


ps. A shoutout to our incredible booker Michael "The Tiger" Johanisson, who, this saturday became a father to a tiny boy - CONGRATS!!!!

søndag den 17. juni 2007

SUPERMARKETS NR. 1 ON "DET ELEKTRISKE BAROMETER"!!! + candidate on Tjeklisten!

First off, thank you oh so very much for your support at the Vesterbro Festival gig yesterday!! It was fabulous to see so many beautiful people dancing and singing!! Second; Thanks again for voting for us at "Det Elektriske Barometer"!! It finally paid off, and we're at first place now!!! - Wich makes us cadidate at Denmarks national single chart "tjeklisten", also at p3 (93.9mhz). So once again we ask you to go vote for us, now both at "Det elektriske Barometer":http://dr.dk/p3/barometer - or at "Tjeklisten":http://www.dr.dk/P3/Tjeklisten/20050921141956_1.htm
GO VOTE!!!!!

+ mr. star photografer KISCH have already uploaded pictures from yesterday: www.flickr.com/photos/kisch



mandag den 4. juni 2007


We are so fucking thankful of all of you that voted for us at us at "Det Elektriske Barometer", we need you to go vote for us again - WE HAVE TO STAY ON THAT LIST!!! So go vote once again at http://www.dr.dk/P3/Barometer/Forside.htm



torsdag den 24. maj 2007


Here it is, at last... The new Supermarkets single! As you've maybe allready experienced you are now able to listen to the new remixed and mastered version of the Factory45 single hit Supermarkets. If you wanna download the track go to www.factory45.com - and because of our generous beings it's free of cost!


Yours truly and everybody's, Factory45


Hi there everyone!

Today at 12.53 people from all over the country tuned in to 93,9 fm had the extreme pleasure and privilege of listening to our first single Supermarkets. You heard it right folks - Factory45 is on national radio! Hopefully we'll stay airborne all through the summer but if you wanna be shure to listen to Factory45 every time you turn on your radio then call, write or email P3 and give 'em all you've got!

Stay tuned, Esben

mandag den 21. maj 2007

Goodbye, for now;)

Yesterday I wen't back from what has become my second home, the marvellous Faroe Islands.

As I sat in the plane, the big yellow sun was shining down at theese beautiful islands in the far most remote part of the Atlantic. Suddently a tear was sneaking out of my left eye, and I knew this was goodbye...

in the wonderful city of Copenhagen, a warm spring evening welcomes me as I step out of the plane. The smell of gasoline, hotdogs and puke from the weekends neverending nightlife greeted me like a friendly, yet stubborn slap in the face. The memory of my 4 beloved partners in crime bursts out, and I realize.. this is where I belong, I'll never leave this paradise, never.. Well... New York, London or something wouldn't be bad.. but, anyhow, wait.. erhm.. lost it.. sorry..